Building a Strong Community

We believe that being an active, contributing member of our community is of paramount importance.

Historically, the pubs of England and Ireland, the bierhauses of Germany, the brauereies of Belgium and others like them throughout the world were not just a place to get something to eat and drink; they were the place where the community came together to share news, celebrate success and commiserate in hard times. It was the central meeting place that brought everyone together, like minded or not, where ideas and revolutions were born.

We see today’s Craft Brewing movement very similarly – where creative, driven, inspired entrepreneurs put it all on the line to chase their dream of creating the world’s greatest beer.

We work together toward the common goal of growing our industry: engaging the seasoned beer aficionados while reaching out to new drinkers to show them what we’re all about. Showing these people that there is something better out there for them, something that’s innovative and supports local business and gives back to their local economies; A brewery that puts quality first over corporate bottom lines.

Whether social, personal or within an industry, it is a concept everyone can identify with - regardless of your age, gender, place of origin or political affiliation – from the American Labor and Civil Rights Movements to Occupy Wall Street to the Tea Party – all of us want to make the world as we see it a better place. It is a concept that stirs and evokes emotion and fascination, pride and passion.

At Sactown Union Brewery, we encourage you to “think differently, drink differently,” to push your own boundaries and to get every last drop out of life. We applaud initiative, cheers on creativity and celebrate people, who throughout history, who broke with the status quo, bucked the system and risked it all to change their world for the better. Our message champions the universal passions for revolution, rebellion and a community unifying to do something bigger and better for themselves.

These concepts of community and revolution are at the core of our message that will flow throughout our brewery, from our branding, packaging and marketing to – most importantly - our actions.

Our branding deliver a personal challenge to all of us with a double meaning: On one hand, it challenges you to not just drink the same tired, corporate yellow beer your grandparents drank – drink a beer that speaks to you on another level. Beer that says something about who you are and supports your community.

This brewery is our catalyst to truly brew up something fantastic – for our community, for Craft Brewing, and for ourselves.